Loafers have been made for decades and are popularly worn across continents. They’re evergreens. Whenever the weather allows it, we tend to pick up our loafers. We love loafers, but…

Being made of delicate materials, their utility is limited, and most of them have one serious limitation in terms of functionality: They don’t always combine well with water.

I wanted to extend their utility by using high-tech materials and state-of-the-art technology.

My objective was to design a loafer I could wear in the ocean so that I don’t scrape my feet on rocks or coral, a loafer to wear by the pool or on the deck of a boat and not slip, a loafer I could wear for gardening – my shoes always get wet when I water the plants, a comfy loafer I could wear to walk around a beach town in shorts instead of my flip-flops.

SWIMS Designer and co-founder

Introducing the new “Breeze Leap Laser” Loafer

breeze leap laser

  • Outer sole is molded with SWIMS natural, durable and flexible TPU, anti-slip rubber
  • Non-marking, anti-slip sole – perfect for boats or yacht decks!
  • Machine Washable!
  • Anti-bacterial, odor-resistant EVA insole with ventilating gills around shoe base
  • Water Compatible – built in drainage!
  • Anti-bacterial , breathable nylon-mesh vamp

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